Care of Items

Proper use, care and handling of your wooden item should ensure years of service.

All wooden items are finished with salad bowl oil and then coated with bees wax or a polyurethane varnish sealed with Bison wax unless otherwise noted.

Wood products based on their organic nature will adapt to the environmental changes. As the wooden item is adjusting to its new environment, you may notice that the glue lines or wood fibers may rise.

Hand wash in warm soapy water, using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Avoid any abrasive cleaners as they could damage the finish.

Do not use sharp utensils on the wood.

DO NOT SOAK IN WATER. NEVER PUT IN A DISHWASHER. Wood is porous and will soak up the water which will cause the wood to crack when it dries.

Do not use wooden item to serve or hold liquids.

It is suggested to place a cloth or paper napkin inside the bowl prior to placing any oily product in the bowl.

It is recommended to occasionally coat the bowl with mineral oil, olive oil or salad bowl oil. It is suggested the wooden item not be used for a minimum of seven days after any surface treatment.

Store cutting boards on edge to prevent warping.

Do not use your cutting board as a trivet. The wood can quickly lose moisture if hot pots and pans are placed on it. This could result in a cracked board.

The cutting board may be sanitized by spraying a mist of vinegar on the board. It is not advised to use bleach to disinfect the wood cutting board due to the organic nature of wood that neutralizes the bleach making it ineffective and may cause dulling of the colors.

Avoid storage in areas of extreme temperature or humidity change.