Burning rings

Hard at work

Turning on the lathe

Covered in wood chips

Detaild of the lathe

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JMN Creations is a small company that specializes in high-quality, unique, hand-crafted wooden items. We specialize in wood lathe turnings and other wood products. Each item is crafted with great attention to detail and quality. Our handcrafted pieces are perfect for entertaining and everyday living and make excellent gifts.

Joe and Mike enjoy working with wood. This mutual interest prompted them to form JMN Creations so they could share their talents with others.

Joe has been doing various woodworking projects all his life. His shop equipment has grown exponentially since he built kitchen cabinets for his home with a radial arm saw and a borrowed drill press. Over the years his many projects included end tables, TV stands, coffee tables and more kitchen cabinets for family and friends. His children and grandchildren have been recipients of his many projects. Since his retirement, he has been improving his workshop and continuing to improve his woodworking skills. Joe enjoys working in all aspects of woodworking from cabinetry to wood turnings on the lathe.

Mike has been working as a theatrical carpenter constructing theater sets since graduating from college. His work has taken him to Florida, Colorado and Maryland. He has also worked for a cultural festival in Washington D.C., constructing various exhibition areas for the participating countries and cultures in the festival.

Joe and Mike have also worked together on numerous projects renovating Mike’s home, building the inlaid red oak and walnut table shown in the gallery and various turned projects where they collaborated on the design and construction of those items.

Both Joe and Mike are looking forward to many years working on projects together and individually. We believe our combined knowledge and skills add value to the projects and items we produce and this will be an enjoyable venture as we grow and learn together.

Everything you see on this site is a one of a kind product due to both the nature of the wood and the craftsmen. Click on "Products" to view items for sale on this site. Click on "Gallery" to view previous projects.

If you see an item you like and have a wood preference, we will be happy to discuss custom work for you. Please contact us.

We like questions and comments! Please let us know what you think about our products. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


We enjoy using green wood whenever possible; it has been a new experience for us in turning wood. Segmented pieces are made from kiln dried or air dried lumber. We’ve used wood from trees removed from our backyard, felled in storms, removed from construction sites and salvaged from projects we’ve worked on. When we require additional lumber Clark H. Ream Lumber in Somerset, PA has provided us with friendly customer service and excellent domestic Pennsylvania woods (Ash, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, White Pine, to name a few).

Additional Bowl/Plate/Wood Items Information

The wood characteristics of each item will vary with the grain, shades, and texture of the wood. Since each item is individually crafted slight variations will occur.

Any wooden bowl shown can be made in any size smaller than 12” in diameter. All sizes indicated on the individual bowls are approximate (to a ½”) and can vary depending on the wood blank used for the final turning. Where a particular bowl shape is illustrated, a different wood can be ordered in place of the example shown. Individual changes can also be made to the general appearance of the bowl. Example: beads, wood burnt rings, square notches, V notches, etc. All bowls shown can be made from Ash, Cherry, Hickory, Maple or Red Oak. For other woods please contact us and we will quote you price and availability.

Segmented Bowls are turned using kiln dried lumber and glued using waterproof glue. The pieces vary depending on the design, number of pieces and shape of the bowl. These Bowls are shown under the Segmented Bowl category.

All solid bowls are turned either from kiln dried wood blanks or green blanks. Bowls turned using green wood (blanks from freshly cut trees) are first cut into a rough shape and set aside to air dry. After a period of time they are turned into their final shape and the finish is applied. These bowls may change shapes slightly, have slight check marks (very small cracks sealed with a cyanoacrylate adhesives), and are unique in their final shape and various shades of colors depending on the wood.

Candlesticks are labeled decorative or functional. Decorative candlesticks are not to be used for burning candles. A functional candleholder with either a brass or chrome candle cup or a glass votive cup can hold a regular wax candle. Remember, never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Always burn candles in a non-flammable receptacle. To prevent fires burn candles within sight and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Vases are labeled as Dry Vase or Flower Vase. Dry Vases are used for dried flowers, weeds or twigs only. Flower Vases with glass liners can hold water and can be used for live flowers.

JMN Creations cannot be held responsible for the atmospheric conditions of any area and the affect that the environment and climate of an area have on any wooden item. It is a known fact that wooden products never reach a stable equilibrium because the weather is always changing.